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Special Events at Jake Moon Restaurant and Cafe

Parties, Off-premises Catering, Special Event Cakes, and Centerpieces


We offer a full line of specialty items for all your party needs. From simple barbecue dishes to elegant selections that are proven crowd pleasers and make your event special, award winning Chef Dan will create the menu with you. We also create special occasion cakes and centerpieces.

To see a menu of some of our catering offerings and prices, please click on our Catering Menu link.


Periodic special events are planned. Please add your email to our email list on the Contact Us page if you would like to be notified of dates and menus. You will be able to use a printed email addressed to you as a coupon at many of these dinners.

If you are interested in using Jake Moon for an event of your own or even using us for off-site catering, please contact us--we would be happy to discuss what we could do for you!